TROLIS system most important features

   TROLIS booking Web-App works in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) manner. Working with it looks like working with certain text editor, where you can either save your work, or discard all your changes. Each change of a particular booking is kept in the history with the date, time, agent and agency, which had altered this booking. Reservation algorithm always operates in a stateless mode (without knowing the previous state), which allows it to work very fast. This also decreases overall amount of transferred data between client application and server database, which is essential when working through slow Internet connections.

   TROLIS ticket reservation system uses one-window reservation method which means, that no intermediate data is stored in database, and no places are being blocked until the final booking decision is made. All intermediary data is collected in-screen and actual reservation is proceded in real-time. This brings a real concurrency into booking agents' work. Also, it prevents reservation agents from undesired stalled places effect, which is a most common misfeature in many step-by-step reservation systems.

   To learn about more common features of TROLIS ticket reservation system you can refer to Trolis section on our site.